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Woods Ranch

Just 12 miles east of Cedar City along scenic highway SR-14, is the recreation area known as Woods Ranch. The park is designed to be a high country haven for the Iron County residents and their friend’s to enjoy. Situated in a lush aspen and pine forest, Woods Ranch is a great place to picnic, …

Cedar Canyon

Cedar Canyon is located directly east of Cedar City. Coal Creek runs down through the canyon. The Cedar City Half Marathon is run down this canyon.

Coal Creek

Cedar City is located at the mouth of Coal Creek. The actual settlement site on the north bank of Coal Creek had been selected in November 1851 by George A. Smith and a committee consisting of Matthew Carruthers, Henry Lunt, William C. Mitchell, John L. Smith, and Elisha H. Groves.

Leigh Hill

Leigh Hill is located on the west side of Cedar City and used to be called West Hill. The Cedar City Temple will be located on the north side of Leigh Hill.