Things to Do in the Winter in Cedar City, Utah

Cedar City, Utah offers a wide range of winter activities for visitors and locals alike. Here are some of the top things to do during the winter season in Cedar City:

  1. Skiing and Snowboarding at Brian Head Resort: Brian Head Resort is a popular ski destination with over 650 acres of skiable terrain and 11 chairlifts.
  2. Ice Skating at the Cedar City Aquatic Center: The Cedar City Aquatic Center offers indoor ice skating in a fun, family-friendly environment. (Now closed)
  3. Winter Hiking: Cedar City has several trails for hiking and snowshoeing, including the Ashdown Gorge Wilderness and the Parowan Canyon.
  4. Winter Festivals: Cedar City hosts several winter festivals throughout the season, including the Winterfest Celebration and the Festival of Trees.
  5. Snowmobiling: The area around Cedar City offers excellent snowmobiling opportunities, with miles of trails to explore.
  6. Winter Sports: Cross-country skiing, sledding, and snowshoeing are other popular winter activities in Cedar City.
  7. Hot Springs: The nearby town of Escalante is home to several natural hot springs, which can be a relaxing way to warm up on a cold winter day.
  8. Visit the Iron Mission State Park: The park is a historical site that showcases the early settlement of Southern Utah and the production of iron during the 19th century.

No matter what your interests are, Cedar City has something to offer everyone during the winter season.

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