Musical (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

This spectacular musical will be presented September 4-12th at the Heritage Center Theater. CVCT will continue to follow proper mandates for the safety and health of our community. Stay tuned for further updates and information! We are excited to reunite with you later this summer!

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Aaron Harris: Jehan/Ensemble

Ashlee Brouwer: Esmeralda

Ben Dowse: Clopin

Bridget Cunningham: Ensemble

Cassie Walker: Ensemble

Charlie Tuttle: Ensemble

Conner Thornton: Phoebus

Daniel Rowley: Father Dupin/Ensemble

Dean Jones: Claude Frollo

Dillon Coburn: Ensemble

Hailey Hansen: Ensemble

Jacob Chipman: Saint Aphrodisius/Ensemble

Jessika Grimshaw: Ensemble

Joshua Nielson: Young Frollo/Ensemble

Justin Olson: Tribunal (Officer)/Ensemble

Kelanie Banks: Ensemble

Lawrence Mbaki: King Louis XI/Ensemble

Liz Harris: Ensemble

Logan Sleight: Lieutenant Frederic Charlus/Ensemble

Lori Mosley: Ensemble

Marion Pack: Ensemble

Sam Young: Ensemble

Talise Mosley: Florika/Ensemble

Trevor Walker: Quasimodo

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