Kimber Academy

Kimber Academy is a private K-12 academy.

Their family-centered program is different from any other private school you have ever read about or experienced. They are restoring education to its rightful place by putting parents in charge of their children’s education.

The curriculum of Kimber Academy focuses on God, Family, and Country – restoring what has been lost or ignored in so many other educational systems.

Restoring a focus on God

Common religious principles are interwoven into all the core subjects of history, math, language arts and science.

Restoring a focus on Family

The five core subjects (those listed above, plus Religious Studies) are designed to be taught only 12 hours per week, so that family members can spend more time together working and playing. (Our policy: No homework assigned by teachers.)

Restoring a focus on Country

We teach the Constitutional principles and values which made this country great, and honor America’s Founding Fathers. Students will be taught the 28 Principles of freedom from our country’s Founding Documents, by studying The 5,000 year Leap written by W. Cleon Skousen, and how to use those principles to solve America’s problems.

Class Organization

Their classes are organized similar to the “Little Red School House.” There are three age-groups:

· Senior Class – ages 12 and older

· Junior-B Class – ages 9 – 11

· Junior-A Class – ages 6 – 8

At Kimber Academy you will be pleased to watch your children’s spiritual growth alongside their academic progress, as they apply the principles of the curriculum.

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Phone: 435-238-4653

Address: 150 E Altamira Ave

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