Institute of Religion

Cedar City Institute
Cedar City Institute

The LDS Institute of Religion provides weekday religious instruction for young adults (ages 18-30) . It is the home of three university stakes. It is across the street from the campus of Southern Utah University.

Classes taught include: Atonement, Repentance and Forgiveness, Book of Mormon, Building an Eternal Marriage, Doctrine and Covenants, Missionary Preparation, New Testament, Old Testament, Latter-day Saint History, Teachings of the Living Prophets, The Gospel and the Productive Live and The Restored Gospel and Christianity.

Faculty include: Dennis P Barrett, Shane T Bringhurst, Debra J Cox, Dave Thomas Giles, Alan G Gudmundson, Carolyn Higbee, Tom Higbee, Ryan R Huff, Craig Isom, Debra Johnson, James Johnson, Terry V Jolley, Lloyd M LeFevre, Kim M Peterson, Allan D Rau, Thomas E Reynolds and Brent J Staples

Former faculty include: Merv Adair, Bulloch, Cloward, Brent Esplin, Graf, David Grant, Ralph McAfee

650 West Center Street

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