Eric Brown Art Gallery 2017 – “The Land and the People”


View drawings from Eric Brown’s art exhibit at the Cedar City Council Chambers until October 27, 2017!

Eric Brown and his wife, LuAnne, live in Cedar City where he is a Professor of Art at Southern Utah University currently teaching Drawing II and Life Drawing & Anatomy. He has also taught: Drawing I, Two-Dimensional Design, Watercolor, Senior Seminar, Art Insights, Senior Portfolio, Ancient Art History, Medieval Art History, Renaissance and Baroque Art History, Modern Art History, Introduction to Art, and Painting. He was Chair of the Department of Art and Design for ten years. He is a Visiting Evaluator for the National Association of Schools of Art and Design and past member of their Committee on Nominations. Eric Brown received BS and MFA degrees in art at Southern Utah State College and Drake University, respectively.

“Art, for me, is about design . . . a flat pattern on a two-dimensional surface that resists its own flatness at every turn and keeps trying to insist that it has space. My art plays with this intersection between the illusion of space/subject and its reality of flatness/pattern. It is a
response to the exuberance and beauty of people and nature and also a conversation with other artists and the way they captured something about the world; fromPersian miniatures to the Nabis. And finally, art is about beauty; I try to convey the beauty of the subject while creating beauty in the patterns that convey its illusion.” – Eric Brown

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