Ellen Nellie Pucell Unthank statue


Ellen Nellie Pucell Unthank statue

Ellen (Nellie) Purcell was born November 6, 1846 in Tintwhistle, England. At 9 she, with her parents and sister Margaret (Maggie), 14, began the trek from Iowa to Salt Lake Valley in 1856 with the Edward Martin Handcart Company.

Early snows overtook the company, both Nellie’s parents died on the trail. Nellie’s feet were frozen.

On arrival in Salt Lake Valley, she was strapped to a board. No anesthetics were available. Both her legs were amputated just below the knee with a buthcher’s knife and carpenter’s saw.

For the rest of her life she moved about on the painful stubs of her legs.

At 24 in Cedar City she became the plural wife of William Unthank. His income was small.

Beginning as a wife in a one-room log house with a dirt floor, she kept her home spotless. Nellie took in washing, she knitted stockings to sell. She gave birth to 6 children. Her Bishop and Relief Society occasionally brought food to her family. To even the score, once a year she and her children cleaned the meeting house throughout.

Nellie died at 68 in Cedar City — A noble representative of the rank and file of Mormon Pioneers.

Robbie Potter

Robbie Potter is the coach for the Canyon View High School (CVHS) boys varsity basketball team. He led the 2015-16 team to the state semifinal game vs Juan Diego. Coach Potter is a graduate and former player of Cedar High School.

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Top 100 Famous People of Cedar City

Scott L Wyatt
Scott L Wyatt

We’ve started a list of the top 100 famous people of Cedar City (People who live here now or who used to live here. People famous to residents or famous to non-residents). Alphabetized by first name. Who do you think should be added to the list?

  1. Ally Condie – Author
  2. Brad Sorensen – First SUU football player drafted in the NFL
  3. Cameron Levins – Runner
  4. Charles & Donna Cooley – Founders of the Happy Factory
  5. Dana Miller – Former president of SWATC and Wasatch 100 runner
  6. Dane O. Leavitt – Former LDS Area Seventy
  7. Del Parson – Artist and Professor
  8. Dick Coston – High school swimming coach
  9. Dixie Leavitt – Founder of the Leavitt Group and CEO of the Leavitt Group
  10. Ellen Wheeler – Actress
  11. Eric Houle – SUU track coach
  12. Eric J. Schmutz – CEO of State Bank of Southern Utah and LDS Stake President
  13. Evan Vickers – Member of the Utah Senate, business owner
  14. Francis Webster – Former Cedar City mayor
  15. Fred C. Adams – Founder of the Utah Shakespeare Festival
  16. Gerald Sherratt – Format mayor, Former SUU President
  17. Harold Shirley – Former Cedar City mayor
  18. Harry Reid – Senate Minority Leader and former SUU alumnus
  19. Henry Lunt – Founder of Cedar City
  20. Jennifer Davis – Real estate agent
  21. Jill Stevens Shepherd – Miss Utah 2007
  22. Jim Jones – Artist
  23. Joe Burgess – Businessman, Former mayor of Cedar City
  24. John Westwood – Member of the Utah House of Representatives
  25. Lee Holmes – Barber
  26. L. E. Modesitt Jr. – Author
  27. L. V. Broadbent – Former Cedar City mayor and former doctor
  28. Maile Wilson – Mayor
  29. Michael O. Leavitt – Former governor of Utah
  30. Michael T. Benson – Former President of SUU
  31. Mitch Talbot – MLB Player
  32. Renn & Ree Zaphiropoulos
  33. Rich Wilson – Co-founder of the Utah Summer Games
  34. Robert Corry – Cedar High coach and physician
  35. Robert Linford – Former Cedar City mayor
  36. Royden C. Braithwaite – Former president of SUSC
  37. Scott Bauman – SUU gymnastics coach
  38. Scott L Wyatt – SUU President
  39. Steve Hodson – Former high school & college basketball coach

Henry Lunt

Henry Lunt Statue
State of Henry Lunt

Henry Lunt was born in Wrenbury, England. He immigrated to Utah in 1850. He was the first person named to settle Cedar City and was the president of the company of 36 men and 11 wagons that first arrived here on Tuesday, November 11, 1851, in a blinding snow storm. Henry Lunt twice served as the city’s chief executive officer, in 1952-1853 as president elder and in 1861-1867 when the title had changed to mayor. A farmer, stock grower and merchant, he played a decisive role in all the city’s early pioneering activities including building a stockade, constructing a fort, beginning the manufacturing of iron and helping to establish homes. Henry Lunt exemplified the courage and dedication required of Cedar City’s first settlers.