City Council and Mayoral Debate

There will be a Cedar City council and mayoral debate on Tuesday, October 17, 2017 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at the Gilbert Great Hall in the SUU Hunter Conference Center.

Hosted by the SUU Michael O. Leavitt Center for Politics and Public Service.

The City Council candidate debate will begin at 5:30 p.m. with the Mayoral candidate debate directly following starting at 6:30 p.m.

This event has been added to the calendar.

Cedar City Airport

Cedar City Airport Terminal
Cedar City Airport

The Cedar City Airport offers flights to and from Salt Lake City via SkyWest (a Delta Connection carrier).

Just two miles from downtown Cedar City off Highway 56 on Aviation Way, a new passenger terminal was opened in October 2005. Another new terminal with amenities for private pilots was recently opened at Sphere One Aviation, the airport’s Fixed Base Operation (FBO).

Mayors of Cedar City

Maile Wilson
Maile Wilson

List of all mayors who have served in Cedar City:

Maile Wilson 2014-
Joe Burgess 2010-2013
Gerald R. Sherratt 2001- 2009
Harold Grant Shirley 1990-2000
Robert H. Linford 1982-1989
Jack Sawyers 1978-1981
L. Kerry Jones 1974-1977
Loren A. Whetten 1966-1973
Kumen S. Gardner 1962-1965
Arnold E. Anderson 1954-1961
L. Verl Broadbent 1950-1953
Gronway R. Parry 1948-1949
Myron F. Higbee 1946-1947
Henry Hunter Lunt 1938-1945
Charles R. Hunter 1934-1937
Walter K. Granger 1930-1933
Eugene Christensen 1926-1929
Walter K. Granger 1924-1925
Parley Dalley 1922-1923
Archibald Swapp Jr. 1920-1921
Elias M. Corry 1918-1919
Thomas Jedediah Jones 1916-1917
William H. Leigh 1914-1915
Donald C. Urie 1912-1913
John S. Woodbury 1911
Uriah T. Jones 1910
John S. Woodbury 1908-1909
Daniel T. Leigh 1906-1907
George W. Middleton 1904-1905
Thomas Jedediah Jones 1902-1903
Robert W. Heyborn 1900-1902
John V. Adams 1898-1899
Henry W. Lunt 1896-1897
Joseph T. Wilkinson 1894-1895
Henry Leigh 1893-1894
John Parry 1891-1892
Charles M. Heyborne 1889-1890
Lehi Willard Jones 1887-1888
John Parry 1884-1886
Robert W. Heyborne 1881-1883
Christopher J. Arthur 1879-1880
John Chatterly 1877-1878
Francis Webster 1873-1876
Homer Duncan 1871-1872
John M. Higbee 1867-1870
Henry Lunt 1861-1866


Cedar City Police Car

Cedar City:

Darin Adams
Robert Allinson – Chief
Sheldon Barney
Mike Bleak
Jared Brown
David Bulloch
David Evans
David Holm
David Mcintyre
Keith Millett
J.R. Robinson
Keith Savage
Murray Suttlemyre
Jason Thomas
Jon Williams
Jerry Womack


Chief Jackson Ames
Sgt. Mike Berg
Cpl. Milt Laub
Officer Jeremy Dunn
Officer Ryan Coleman

City Council

Members of the Cedar City Council are: Ron Adams, Terri Hartley, Paul Cozzens, Craig Isom and Fred Rowley

Former Members of the Cedar City Council: Don Marchant, John Black

Members of the Enoch City Council are: Destry Griffiths, Steve Johnson, J. Kirk Lovell, Mike Olenslager and Gary Wilcken

Ron Adams

John Black

Don Marchant

Fred Rowley

Paul Cozzens

Steve Johnson

Gary Wilcken

Cedar City Staff Directory

Directory of Cedar City staff including names, phone numbers and email addresses:

Airport – 2560 W Aviation Way – 435-867-9408 –

Cedar Ridge Golf Course Division Head & Golf Pro – Jared Barnes – 435-586-2970 –

City Treasurer – Wendy Bonzo – 435-865-5105 –

Economic Develoment Coordinator – Daniel Stewart – 435-586-2770 –

Economic Development Director – Brennan Wood – 435-865-5115 –

Events Coordinator – Byron Linford – 435-865-5108 –

Human Resources/Risk Management – Natasha Hirschi – 435-865-2880 –

Library Director – Steve Decker –

Sports & Recreation Program Manager – Jennifer Weaver – 435-865-9223 –

Water Superintendent – Robbie Mitchell – 716 N Airport Rd – 435-586-2968 x304


Marlene Kay – Sports & Recreation Program Manager