North Elementary

North Elementary school is located at 550 W 200 N. The principal is Ray Whittier. Dee Smith used to be a principal. The mascot is the polar bear.

550 W 200 N

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Cedar Middle School

Cedar Middle School
Cedar Middle School

Cedar Middle School is located at 2215 W Royal Hunte Dr. The principal is Kendall Benson and the vice principal is Trent Nielsen. Cedar Middle School used to be located just north of the SUU Hunter Conference building. The mascot is the Warriors. Randy Ence was a former principal of Cedar Middle School.


Old Main

Old Main, finished in 1898, was SUU’s first building. SUU was founded in 1897 as the Branch Normal School. The building was built with materials, money, and labor donated by the 1,500 citizens of Cedar City. Many citizens mortgaged their homes and farms to help build the first building of this school.

The fire, which occurred early in the morning of Dec. 12, 1948, destroyed the roof and the upper floor of the building and damaged most of the bottom levels.

Old Main was remodeled in 1950 and officially became known as Old Main in 1953 after the Auditorium, which doubled as the library, was built.

The Centrum

Centrum Arena Front
The Centrum

Centrum Arena Court The Centrum houses a 5,300 seat arena and was built in 1985. It replaced the War Memorial Fieldhouse. It is the largest arena in southern Utah. The Centrum Arena is the home of the SUU basketball and gymnastics teams.  There are also six classrooms, five art studios, a photography darkroom, a television studio, radio station, psychology laboratories, computer labs, and several faculty offices.