SUU Gymnastics Ranked Number 9 Nationally!

Flippin’ Birds Rank No. 9 Nationally Following First Meet

CEDAR CITY, Utah – Following their first meet of the season the Thunderbird gymnastics team rocketed up the National polls, and are now ranked ninth in the entire country. SUU’s 196.150 against the Cardinal of Stanford placed them ninth, one spot ahead of Michigan who they will take on later this season.

Janna Joline Hunter Davidson – Obituary

Obituary for Janna Davidson – Cedar City, UT

This is the permanent online memorial and Life Legacy for Janna Joline Hunter Davidson. Please join us in Loving, Sharing and Memorializing, through stories, photos, video and historic documents.

New Intermountain Sick Visitors Policy Restricts All Sick Visitors at All Times

New Intermountain Sick Visitors Policy Restricts All Sick Visitors at All Times – CEDAR CITY Utah – Intermountain Healthcare has instituted a new sick visitors policy at each of their hospitals including Dixie Regional Medical Center Cedar City Ho…

CEDAR CITY, Utah – Intermountain Healthcare has instituted a new sick visitors policy at each of their hospitals, including Dixie Regional Medical Center, Cedar City Hospital, and Garfield Memorial Hospital. The policy now restricts all sick visitors from visiting hospital patients, at any time in the year.

SUU Women’s Basketball Loses to Idaho 68-85

Vandals steal win from Thunderbirds

Southern Utah University’s women’s basketball team’s losing streak was extended to six games in a row after losing last night to the Vandals of the University of Idaho, 68-85. “Short-term memory is important to stay positive,” Head Coach Chris Boettcher said. “I trust in our kids that they are not quitters they are competitors.

Polar Plunge 2017

The Polar Plunge will be Saturday, February 11, 2017 at the Cedar City Aquatic Center (2090 W Royal Hunte Dr). Have fun jumping into really cold water! The event is free. You can contact Matt Allen with any questions at 801-363-1111. Proceeds benefit athletes of the Utah Special Olympics.

Clark & Linford Jewelers

Clark & Linford Jewelers sells wedding rings, necklaces, bracelets, trophies, plaques and more. They can do jewelry repairs. It is owned by Jonathan & Shannon Smith. They are closed Sundays. It was started in 1926 by H. Ray Bush. It was also owned by Wes Mullet, Bob Linford and Wayne Clark.

Address: 83 N Main St
Phone: 435-586-8341
Web site:

CHS Alumni 1988 (Cedar High School)

List of alumni that were senior students at Cedar High School in 1988:

Ron Adair
Tory Adair
Bret Allred
Lee Allton
Bruce Anderson
Craig Anderson
Heather Anderson
Melanie Anderson
Natalie Anderson
Ryan Anderson
Rafael Arteaga
Jon Ashdown
Ricci Ashdown
Chris Atkin
Don Backus
David Bairett
Lance Baldry
Brad Barnes
Ryan Barnes
Allan Barr
Mike Barrick
Chari Batt
Jason Batt
Jason Beacham
Kerbi Bedonie
Rand Bettridge
Vickie Bia
Tony Bigelow
Robyn Bishop
Garyson Bitsoie
Mike Blackburn
Kim Blackner
Lori Blackner
Jackie Blake
Marci Bogedahl
Kendra Bohman
Kathy Bohne
Scott Bonzo
Todd Boyer
Russell Bradshaw
Denise Braegger
Don Brinkerhoff
Scott Brooksby
Kristen Brown
Ryan Brown
Russel Brunson
Stacy Bryant
Amber Bulloch
Cody Bulloch
Darren Bulloch
Natalie Bulloch
Nikole Bulloch
David Burbidge
April Bybee
Eric Carpenter
Stacy Chamberlain
Angelle Cheek
Willie Chidester
Carlos Clark
Nancy Clark
Teresa Clark
Janette Cornelius
Tonya Carnelius
Amy Corry
DeLynn Corry
Daniel Cotts
Mark Covington
Kimberly Dalley
VaLyn Darrington
Denice Daughton
Beau Davis
Kristin Davis
Chris Dedrick
Mike Dedrick
Tony Despain
Darcie Dotson
Brian Dunaway
Travis Duran
Jennifer Durdin
Dan Earle
Echo Edwards
Jason Edwards
Shane Esplin
Tracy Esplin
Cathy Evans
Derk Evans
Susan Evans
Mike Felix
Codi Fitch
Craig Flanigan
Chad Forbush
Scott Forsyth
Nick Froyd
Layne Fullmer
Amy Gale
Billy Gardner
Quinn Gardiner
Tyler Garfield
Scott Garrett
Ken Gilbert
Candace Giles
Lynnette Gilger
Lynnette Goodwin
Veronique Goupil
Stephanie Graf
Mason Graff
Rachel Graff
Teryl Gray
Brian Green
Jennifer Grimshaw
Brent Hall
Mark Hancey
Brandon Harding
Karolee Harding
Jason Hatch
Loni Hatch
Lori Heath
Lisa Heaton
Larry Heywood
Phil Hickman
Lisa Hollinger
Russell Holyoak
Shelly Hopwood
Jennifer Hughes
Joe Hughes
Jeff Humphries
Chad Hunter
Heidi Hunter
Richard Huntsman
Amy Hyer
Rebecca Israel
Theressa James
Brian A. Jensen
Brian L. Jensen
Jennifer Johnson
Jeniffer C. Johnson
Nicole Johnson
Angie Jones
Brennen Jones
Danny Jones
Marcy Jones
Melissa Jones
Tracy Jones
Jason Kimball
LaNeta Kimball
Matthew Knight
Robbie Knight
Jason Komarek
Kyle Lambeth
Peggy Larsen
Jerod Larson
Kevin Lasson
Milea Leding
Randy Leep
Bobette LeFevre
Matt LeFevre
Cathy Lipscomb
Nathan Lunceford
Kregg Lunt
Richard MacRae
Vicki Mancini
Darren Marchant
Kirk Marchant
Charo Marsal
Leslie Matheson
Jerry Maxwell
Kurtis Maxwell
Teri Maxwell
Jason McCoy
Roy McKeen
Troy McKinnon
Mark Melling
Kris Mendenhall
Jason Mercer
Mike Miller
Sharlene Miller
Steve Millett
Jason Mitchell
Heidi Molyneux
Charla Monds
Chris Monson
Nicalyn Morris
Matt Moyle
Alene Munford
Nicole Muschner
Jennifer Nakken
Debie Neilson
Ericka Nichols
Barry Nielson
Per Norberg
Becky O’Neal
Sonja Oliekan
Camille Orton
Nichole Oyler
Jennifer Palmer
Stacey Palmer
Tracy Palmer
Catharine Parke
David Parke
Sonia Parker
Katie Parry
Jon Paulsen
Lacey Perkins
Brandon Peterson
Jim Peterson
Shannon Pollard
Devey Powell
Lanora Powell
David Price
NanciAnne Prince
Perry Ray
Ryan Reeves
Carla Richman
Rochelle Rigby
Jason Robb
Grant Roberts
Wallace Rogers
John Rollins
Kevin Schramm
Harmony Seegmiller
Dane Shakespear
Eric Shirley
DawnMarie Simpson
Henry Slack
Jason Slack
Aaron Smith
Lance Smith
Nicole Smith
Vance Smith
Celete Sorensen
Sheri Sorensen
Paul Southwick
Paul Spencer
Brandon Spevak
Scott Staple
Howard Starr
Mark Stein
David Stone
Kurt Stratton
Daniel Stuckey
Jeff Swain
Barbara Tebbs
Eric Thomas
Kyle Thompson
Tiffani Thompson
Sara Tippetts
Clay Tom
Shelly Tuckett
Kelli Van Dyk
Anjanette Wallace
Belinda Warby
Holly Ward
Mike Warner
Wendy Weaver
Heather Webster
Rick Webster
Michelle Welch
Karen Widle
Mary Anne Wiebe
David Wilcox
David Williams
KayLynn Williams
Cathy Wood
Russ Woodmancy
Phil Wright