Cedar City Mission Presidents, Temple Presidents & Seventy


  • David James Grant & Judith Wilson Grant – Cedar City 16th Ward, Cedar City Utah Cross Hollow Stake – Adriatic North Mission
  • Rulon Larry Brough & Estella Joy Brough – Enoch 1st Ward, Enoch Utah Stake – Kentucky Louisville Mission
  • James Michael Wilson & Jan Carter Wilson – Cedar City 13th Ward, Cedar City Utah West Stake – California Bakersfield Mission
  • Arthur L. Porter & Elaine Agren Porter – Cedar 16th Ward, Cedar City Utah West Stake – Mission?
  • A. Burnell Hunt & Velma Waite Hunt – Spanish Trails Ward, Enoch Utah Stake – Philippines Cabanatuan Mission
  • Kent D. Watson & Connie Lingmann Watson – Cedarview Ward – Taiwan Taichung Mission
  • Ronald Woodbury Heaton & Sandra Leigh Cooper Heaton – Cedar 17th Ward, Cedar City Utah West Stake – Uruguay Montevideo West Mission
  • Earl L. Christison & Melba Lynn McMillan Christison, Rock Creek Ward, Maple Valley Washington Stake – Colorado Denver South Mission


  • David Arthur Foote & Christina Kelly Foote – Bermuda Ward, Las Vegas Nevada Warm Springs Stake – Georgia Atlanta Mission
  • Gordon Leo Wadsworth & Michele Louisa Gaffin Wadsworth – Panaca 1st Ward, Panaca Nevada Stake – Montana Billings Mission
  • Jeffrey Gordon Rogers & Mitzie Talbot Rogers – Green Valley 3rd Ward, St. George Utah Green Valley Stake – New York Utica Mission


  • Harold Harrison Hiskey & Mona Ellett Hiskey – Cedar City 13th Ward, Cedar City Utah West Stake – St. George Utah Temple
  • C. Kent Hugh & Karen Louise Jameson Hugh – CedarCity  16th Ward, Cedar City Utah Cross Hollow Stake – St. Paul Minnesota Temple


  • George Steven Grimshaw & Carla Price Grimshaw, Gunnison 1st Ward, Gunnison Utah Stake – Manti Utah Temple


  • Kent D. Watson (General)
  • Jeffrey J. Marchant (Area)
  • Daniel M. Jones (Area)
  • Dane O. Leavitt (Area)

LDS Stake Presidents

List of current and past LDS stake presidents in the Cedar City area:

Allan D Rau (Current)
Mark Elbert Eastmond
Robert Browning Platt

Bret G. Whittier (Current)
Arthur Lamond Tait
Charles Henry Blackburn
Kenneth Sylvester Munford
Kent H. Stapley

Eric Howard Grimm (Current)
Dale Simkins Orton
Wayne Kendall Hinton
Steven Decker Corry
Daniel Boyd Crawford
David L Sargent

Gregory James Powell

Eric Jon Schmutz (Current)
Thomas Miles Higbee
Harold Harrison Hiskey
Jeffrey Jones Marchant
Conrad V. Hatch

Daren Anderson Lovell (Current)
R. Larry Brough
Robert A. Rasmussen
Amos Burnell Hunt
Robert Louis Blattner

Calvin J. Rollins

Eric O. Leavitt (Current)
David Herbert Nakken
James Spencer Johnson
Daniel M. Jones
Russell G. Bulloch

David Herbert Nakken (Current)
James M. Wilson
Hans Quinn Chamberlain
Wayne A. Smith

Kelly Darlo Esplin (Current)
Bruce Michael Crankshaw
Dane Okerlund Leavitt
David James Grant
Warren Morrill Woolsey

Top 100 Events in Cedar City History

Iron Mission State Park Blast Furnace

Blast Furance replica

We’ve started a list of the top 100 events in the history of Cedar City. What event(s) would you add to this historical timeline? If you know the year for an event, please comment.


  1. Branch Normal School (1897)
  2. Brian Head Resort established (1964)
  3. Canyon View High School established (1997)
  4. Cedar City Airpot (1940’s)
  5. Cedar City Tabernacle erected (1885)
  6. Cedar City Tabernacle demolished (1932)
  7. Cedar High School founded (1940)
  8. Cedar High School (present location) (1963)
  9. Cedar City Temple announced (April 6, 2013)
  10. Centrum completed (1985)
  11. Eccles Coliseum (1967)
  12. First female mayor elected (Maile Wilson) (November 5, 2013)
  13. Founding of Cedar City (November 11, 1851)
  14. Henry Lunt statue (November 10, 2007)
  15. Kmart closed (2003)
  16. Leigh Hotel fire (March 25, 1962)
  17. Lighthouse (?)
  18. Morton Metalcraft changed to Metalcraft Technologies (1989)
  19. Mountain Meadows Massacre (November 1857)
  20. Old Hospital (Leavitt Group HQ) (1922)
  21. Old Main completed (1898)
  22. Old Main fire (December 12, 1948)
  23. Post Office (?)
  24. Railroad (Union Pacific) came to Cedar City (June 15, 1923)
  25. Red Canyon Dermatology Plane Crash (August 22, 2008)
  26. Rock Church (1930)
  27. Sherratt Library (March 1996)
  28. Shooting/Explosion in Cove Killed Boys (?)
  29. Skywest Airlines (1972)
  30. Southern Utah State College (SUSC) (1969)
  31. Southern Utah University (SUU) (1991)
  32. State Bank of Southern Utah (present location) (1999)
  33. Tony Award (Utah Shakespeare Festival) (May 8, 2000)
  34. Utah Shakespeare Festival founded (1961)
  35. Utah Summer Games began (1986)
  36. Valley View Medical Center (old location) (1963)
  37. Walmart opened (?)


  1. Founding of Cedar City (November 11, 1851)
  2. Mountain Meadows Massacre (November 1857)
  3. Cedar City Tabernacle erected (1885)
  4. Branch Normal School (1897)
  5. Old Main completed (1898)
  6. Old Hospital (Leavitt Group HQ) (1922)
  7. Railroad (Union Pacific) came to Cedar City (June 15, 1923)
  8. Rock Church (1930)
  9. Cedar City Tabernacle demolished (1932)
  10. Cedar High School founded (1940)
  11. Cedar City Airpot (1940’s)
  12. Old Main fire (December 12, 1948)
  13. Utah Shakespeare Festival founded (1961)
  14. Leigh Hotel fire (March 25, 1962)
  15. Cedar High School (present location) (1963)
  16. Valley View Medical Center (old location) (1963)
  17. Brian Head Resort established (1964)
  18. Eccles Coliseum (1967)
  19. Southern Utah State College (SUSC) (1969)
  20. Skywest Airlines (1972)
  21. Centrum completed (1985)
  22. Utah Summer Games began (1986)
  23. Morton Metalcraft changed to Metalcraft Technologies (1989)
  24. Southern Utah University (SUU) (1991)
  25. Sherratt Library (March 1996)
  26. Canyon View High School established (1997)
  27. State Bank of Southern Utah (present location) (1999)
  28. Tony Award (Utah Shakespeare Festival) (May 8, 2000)
  29. Walmart opened (?)
  30. Lighthouse (?)
  31. Kmart closed (2003)
  32. Henry Lunt statue (November 10, 2007)
  33. Red Canyon Dermatology Plane Crash (August 22, 2008)
  34. Cedar City Temple announced (April 6, 2013)
  35. First female mayor elected (Maile Wilson) (November 5, 2013)

Top 100 Things to Do in Cedar City

Cedar Bowling Center

Cedar Bowling Center

We’ve started a list of the top 100 things to do in Cedar City. What activities or attractions would you add to the list? This list is alphabetized, not ranked in order.

  1. 5K’s
  2. Aquatic Center (Swimming)
  3. Arrests & Bookings (Just check them, don’t appear in them)
  4. Ashcroft Observatory
  5. Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery (SUU)
  6. Cedar Bowling Center
  7. Cedar Canyon Half Marathon (September)
  8. Cedar Livestock & Heritage Festival
  9. Cedar Livestock Market
  10. Cedar Ridge Golf Course
  11. Cedar Valley Community Theatre
  12. Cemetery
  13. Centrum Arena (Basketball, Gymnastics)
  14. City Council Meetings
  15. Coal Creek Trail
  16. Cross Hollow Event Center (Equestrian, Rodeo)
  17. “C” Overlook
  18. “C” Trail (Biking, Walking)
  19. Eccles Coliseum (SUU Football)
  20. Farmer’s Markets
  21. Field at the Hills Softball Complex
  22. Fire Road Cycling
  23. Fitness Centers
  24. Frontier Homestead State Park (Iron Mission)
  25. Glacier Community Ice Rink (Hockey, Ice-skating)
  26. Groovefest
  27. Happy Factory
  28. Heritage Center (Concerts, Plays)
  29. High school sports
  30. In Jubilo Women’s Chorale
  31. July Jamboree
  32. Kite Flight
  33. Lake at the Hills (Fishing, Swimming)
  34. Library at the Park
  35. Little League Baseball Complex
  36. Main Street Mile (Pioneer Day)
  37. Master Singers
  38. Movies (Downtown, Fiddler, Stadium)
  39. Museum of Natural History (SUU)
  40. Nature Park (Entrance to Cedar Canyon)
  41. Neil Simon Festival
  42. Off the Cuff Comedy
  43. Orchestra of Southern Utah
  44. Parks (Canyon, Bicentennial, Main Street Park, Park Discovery)
  45. Restaurants
  46. Rock Church
  47. Shopping
  48. Skateboard Park (Exit 59)
  49. Storybook Cavalcade (Christmas Parade)
  50. SUU Indoor Track
  51. SUU Pickleball Courts
  52. SUU Racquetball Courts
  53. SUU Swimming Pool
  54. SUU Tennis Courts
  55. Utah Midsummer Renaissance Faire
  56. Utah Shakespeare Festival
  57. Utah Summer Games
  58. Veteran’s War Memorial


  1. Aspen Mirror Lake
  2. Brian Head Resort
  3. Bristlecone Pine Trail
  4. Bryce Canyon
  5. Cascade Falls
  6. Cedar Breaks National Monument
  7. Cedar Canyon
  8. Deer Haven
  9. Duck Creek
  10. Iron County Fair
  11. Kanarraville Falls
  12. Kids Pond
  13. Kolob Reservoir
  14. Mammoth Cave
  15. Navajo Lake
  16. New Castle Reservoir
  17. Panguitch Lake
  18. Parowan Gap Petroglyphs
  19. Red Cliffs
  20. Shooting Range
  21. Squaw Cave
  22. SUU Mountain Center (College Cabin)
  23. Three Peaks Modelport
  24. Three Peaks Recreation Area (Biking, Camping, Hiking)
  25. Woods Ranch
  26. Yankee Meadows
  27. Zion National Park


  1. Frisbee
  2. Paper Airplanes
  3. Photography
  4. Volunteer

Top 100 Famous People of Cedar City

Scott L Wyatt

Scott L Wyatt

We’ve started a list of the top 100 famous people of Cedar City (People who live here now or who used to live here. People famous to residents or famous to non-residents). Who do you think should be added to the list?

  1. Ally Condie – Author
  2. Brad Sorensen – First SUU football player drafted in the NFL
  3. Cameron Levins – Runner
  4. Charles & Donna Cooley – Founders of the Happy Factory
  5. Dana Miller – Former president of SWATC and Wasatch 100 runner
  6. Dane O. Leavitt – LDS Area Seventy
  7. Del Parson – Artist
  8. Dick Coston – High school swimming coach
  9. Dixie Leavitt – Founder of the Leavitt Group
  10. Ellen Wheeler – Actress
  11. Eric Houle – SUU track coach
  12. Eric J. Schmutz – CEO of State Bank of Southern Utah and LDS Stake President
  13. Evan Vickers – Member of the Utah Senate
  14. Francis Webster – Former Cedar City mayor
  15. Fred C. Adams – Founder of the Utah Shakespeare Festival
  16. Gerald Sherratt – Format mayor, Former SUU President
  17. Harold Shirley – Former Cedar City mayor
  18. Harry Reid – Senate Minority Leader and former SUU alumnus
  19. Henry Lunt – Founder of Cedar City
  20. Jennifer Davis – Real estate agent
  21. Jill Stevens Shepherd – Miss Utah 2007
  22. Jim Jones – Artist
  23. Joe Burgess – Businessman, Former mayor of Cedar City
  24. John Westwood – Member of the Utah House of Representatives
  25. Lee Holmes – Barber
  26. L. E. Modesitt Jr. – Author
  27. L. V. Broadbent – Former Cedar City mayor and former doctor
  28. Maile Wilson – Mayor
  29. Michael O. Leavitt – Former governor of Utah
  30. Mitch Talbot – MLB Player
  31. Renn & Ree Zaphiropoulos
  32. Rich Wilson – Co-founder of the Utah Summer Games
  33. Robert Corry – Cedar High coach and physician
  34. Scott Bauman – SUU gymnastics coach
  35. Scott L Wyatt – SUU President
  36. Steve Hodson – Former high school & college basketball coach

Kite Flight for Reading and Sight

Kite Flight for Reading and Sight 2015 - Cedar City Middle School

Cedar City Kite Flight

The Kite Flight for Reading and Sight will be Saturday, April 25th, 2015 at the Cedar Middle School lawn next to Park Discovery from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Have your child bring their reading chart to get a kite, book or movie ticket.

Presented by the Cedar City and Parowan Lions Clubs.

Questions? Email Mark at mrnelson7349@gmail.com

Three Die in Enoch House Fire

Three adults died, two females and one male, Monday, April 13th, 2015 in Enoch, Utah on 4568 N Pioneer Rd at about 10:30 pm. The fire started in the garage. The house is a total loss. Two vehicles in the driveway were also burned. The fire was called in by a neighbor. There was minor damage to the house just to the south. Neighbors reported hearing a large boom which authorities said was likely caused by the vehicles that also caught fire at the time. Red Cross representatives have been called in and will be available for any grief counseling needed. The bodies were taken to a mortuary and will be sent to Salt Lake City for further investigation. Firefighters also reported finding a cat and a dog dead inside the home, while a second cat was found outside, alive. The Enoch City Animal Shelter has contacted relatives of the deceased and is working with animal rescue organizations to find placement for livestock on the property. The source of the fire was believed to have been heat lamps inside the garage surrounded by straw and other flammable items. Enoch Police Chief Jackson Ames said despite witnesses being able to hear cries for help from inside, rescuers were unable to make entry into the engulfed structure.

The victims have been identified as Frances Brewington, 70, Cynthia “Cyndi” Shaffer, 46 and Jay Brewington, 32.

The funeral is Friday, April 17th, 2015 at the LDS Homestead Chapel (Midvalley Rd & Tomahawk Dr) in Enoch, Utah at 3:00 pm.

Press release from Enoch City Police.

Jay Brewington’s Facebook page

Jay’s Youtube feed

Jay’s Twitter page

Jay’s Google + page

Cynthia Shaffer’s Facebook page

Additional photos